Uplifting, inspiring, enriching – music at its best!

Louise King is musically adventurous and her daringly diverse performance projects explore a dizzying array of music. Whether it’s early music, historical informed performance practice, cutting-edge experimental music, folk music, Australian music, chamber music, solo recitals, concerto appearances, community engagements or collaborations with singer-songwriters, contemporary dance and theatre, each project displays Louise’s signature style – virtuosity, expression and musical excellence.

Louise King’s musical interests sum up her adventurous and engaging spirit. A musical magpie, Louise is happiest collecting day to day inspirations, dreaming up new projects and spreading her passion for live music performance in the community and bringing it to new audiences.

A musical chameleon, able to morph and transform with graceful ease, Louise effortlessly switches music genres and between high-profile festival performances, recording, workshops, teaching or playing in concert series, musicals, weddings, special events, or school engagements.

Through exploring new ideas, creating and bringing new sounds to audiences and young ears, Louise has carved out a niche position in the music industry, where a musician is more than just a performer, more than just an educator. Louise simply fuses the two.

Louise is a teaching artist, a professional musician who has moved from the traditional environs of classical music institutions to the classroom, to the private studio, to community-based work, educating and inspiring students and audience members. This daring and bold move has proven to a be a sustaining and fulfilling way to build a career in music, providing deep and lasting satisfaction through engaging people in learning experiences about the arts.

As a teaching artist, Louise advocates for music education, performs and builds new audiences, improves the presence of live music within schools and communities and expands the possibilities of traditional and educational performances.

Legends say that musicians play free of time, carrying a listener’s dreams and hope for love, joy and celebration with their sounds.  Louise King’s refined playing and imaginative projects remind us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere and every personal connection has meaning and that music is one of life’s sweetest creations – deeply personal, evoking nostalgia, heart-stirring, connecting, life-affirming.

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