Online Cello Lessons

‘. . . a fun, easy and novel way to get technical and musical feedback, tips and professional advice on your playing all in the comfort of your own home.’

why learn online?


Online lessons – itʼs all about access. The world has never been a smaller place. Learning with professional musicians, mentors and teachers has never been easier. Wherever you live, your individual learning pathway and musical development is no longer limited to just teachers in your local area. Why wait to get great advice on your playing?


Wherever you live, you can now book in a time when it suits you to be heard, seen and mentored on your own music journey from your own home, school or office. Louise King, an internationally trained concert cellist with an enviable reputation Australia-wide for excellence, exuberance and passion in teaching loves sharing her skills from the convenience of her own home studio too. The convenience works both ways – student and teacher!


Online lessons are a fun and exciting way to learn. Learning an instrument online can enrich and expand your knowledge and help stimulate your interest in music. Online lessons do not replace the traditional ʻone on oneʼ instrumental lesson experience but rather online lessons can enhance and expand on this well-established model of learning.


Many students simply do not have the good fortune of living in an area where experienced cello teaching specialists live. Cello Dreaming fills this gap by offering online lessons jam-packed with advice. Lessons are specifically designed to help those students who simply do not have the same opportunity or access to quality high-level professional teaching in their area as city dwellers do. Have you met Louise King at a regional, national or international music camp, school workshop or festival? Many students simply want to keep in touch after experiencing rewarding, fun and inspirational sessions. Online lessons are a great way to keep this motivation flowing after the initial ʻin personʼ experience.


Adult students tend to be the busiest students – fitting cello learning around an already full life. Many simply do not have the time to take a couple of hours out their weekly schedule to book in for a regular cello lesson. Skype lessons offer a more casual learning experience. The adult student can book in a time in advance when they are ready to learn something new. This way the adult student is more in charge of their learning experience and tends to be more motivated.


Imagine how motivated you would be if you discovered and discussed your personal music goals both in the short and long term? Have you got motivation issues? Do you enjoy practicing? Individual studentʼs time management and practice routine can be addressed. Online lessons can help focus students on current issues in their playing.


Students can use their online lessons to get inspiration and advice on how to take their current playing further. Sessions can address how to stretch your technical capabilities, musical interpretations or repertoire choices. Aspiring musicians can benefit from receiving fresh feedback on their playing from a well respected and experienced professional musician.


Instrumental music taught in a traditional ʻone on oneʼ private lesson environment relies on weekly sessions with the teacher. Online lessons put the motivation and rate of learning more in the hands of the student. Book in simply when you are ready to learn something new or need advice on consolidating a new skill.


Feeling stuck in your teaching? Not sure now to solve certain studentʼs problems? Do you need advice on how to build your string program or keep your teenage students interested in playing? Are you a violin teacher not sure how to get the most of your young cello students in your ensemble? Need tips on repertoire that excites and extends students or how to teach certain technical skills? Book in for an inspiring PD online conference session with Louise.




Skype is free to download and easy to register

Zoom is free to download and easy to register

Send an email Cello Dreaming, which will then add you to the student contact list. Cello Dreaming video calls students at scheduled booked in times.


  1. Get zoom or Skype (free) or google meets or video chat i.e. FaceTime loaded onto your computer/device.
  2. Check your video/webcam works your end and you have a reliable Internet connection
  3. Make sure the computer is in a well-lit area (perhaps put a lamp on the desk next to the computer)
  4. Check you have the cello & full bow length in the screen so I can see you while you play – I do not need to see your feet or endpin in the image
  5. Put your music stand (if using) to the side of you out of the picture so it does not block my view of you

Please pay for your scheduled lesson prior to going online. You can book and pay for a bundle of online Lessons here. Your scheduled lesson will commence at the organized time if payment has been made and received by Cello Dreaming. If you are paying by online banking, payment receipts should be emailed to to verify your payment.


$50 (+GST) – 30 mins
$75 (+GST)– 45 mins
$100 (+GST) – 60 mins


Please be courteous to other students. When you book a lesson with Cello Dreaming that time slot is reserved especially for you and can not be used for other students. Students, parents/guardians must contact via phone or text 0415 128 799 or email of a lesson cancellation minimum of 48 hrs notice prior to booked in lesson time. If at least 48 hours notice is given, a rescheduled/ make-up lesson will be given at the earliest possible date at my convenience. If less than 48 hours notice is given, students will be charged for the scheduled lesson irrespective of reason (i.e. sudden illness) and no make-up lesson will be assigned. There are no exceptions to this policy.



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