Exquisitely played acoustic music brings charm, class & sophistication to any special event.

Cello Dreaming offers you a stunning range of music for your ceremony, pre-dinner entertainment and canapé music packages.

Whether you are planning an intimate or lavish wedding at one of the Sunshine Coast’s stunning beaches, Hinterland venues, gardens, restaurants or chapels, relax knowing that Cello Dreaming provides exceptional service and live music lovingly tailored to your personal musical tastes, budget and venue.

Entertain your guests with traditional classics, love songs, opera arias, toe tapping celtic and flamenco infusions, vintage covers, pop songs and chilled jazz standards, all played with virtuosic flair and expressive musicality.

Cello Dreaming provides experienced, conservatorium-trained musicians for weddings at highly competitive prices and services the Sunshine Coast region.

Discreet and sophisticated, live music adds a sense of luxury.  Bespoke music packages enhance your special day for both you and your guests.

Wedding Ceremony Packages

classical elegance ~ sweet romance ~ toe-tapping folk infusions ~ retro covers ~ contemporary pop songs ~ chilled jazz standards

Choose from our most requested music packages designed to create a specific mood, enhance your wedding ceremony and entertain your guests during canapés.



“Romantic, elegant and breathtaking – thank you for being part of our special day.”

“What a find! Stunning music for our intimate wedding. Thank you.”

“It was great to get your advice on our wedding music. It really helped set the perfect mood for my grand entrance!”



$185 – $315


Planning a wedding Monday–Thursday? Take advantage of the discounted special rate.



$445 – $665


romance, sophistication, classical favourites & timeless love songs



Interested in something that isn’t in one of our packages?

Cello Dreaming can curate a musical experience completely tailored to your styling and tastes. Send an inquiry to find out more.


$185 – $315


elegance, refinement & romance




$445 – $665


improvised grooves with an infusion of world folk



Wedding Music Packages are 1-hour ceremony with optional extra 1-hour musical entertainment totaling a 2-hour booking including one venue location move at no extra cost and no travel expenses if your wedding is on the Sunshine Coast. Clients are charged a non-refundable $150 booking fee to reserve your exclusive date and time with Cello Dreaming and receive a personal consultation as part of the booking process.



$445 – $665


vibrant classics played with stylish charm



$445 – $665


chilled jazz standards with a twist of tango & pop songs




$950 – $1230


exquisite classical, folk, jazz & modern covers to impress




Music for Canapes


Music for Signing


Music for Ceremony




Event Booking Form

Booking your Wedding/Function/Event with cello dreaming

Interested in booking and supporting emerging and aspiring young musicians? Looking for a youth music group for farmers markets, school fundraisers, community events or a local festival? Book the cello dreaming youth ensemble.

Emerging musicians can gain valuable music industry experience by performing at live music community events. Young musicians are paid at student industry rates and are handpicked and musically guided through the gig process by Louise King.

Money raised through booking student musicians goes towards the cost of presenting and organizing community music projects, towards music for social change charities, buying and arranging more sheet music for the group plus the ongoing cost of running group rehearsals. The non-refundable booking fee of $150 applies when booking student musicians.

Your Details
Ceremony Venue
Reception Venue
Performance Details

The musician(s)will require access to the venue a minimum of 15-30 minutes prior to your selected start time. Please confirm the access time with the venue.
The following items are NOT required, but do assist in planning for your event and will be discussed before your booking is confirmed.

Special Requests

Requests are welcome and music not on the repertoire list can be performed if cello dreaming can find a suitable score.

Special arrangement fee of $50 per requests if the music has to be arranged to work on instruments being booked.

Please give 2 weeks notification before the event of your special requests.

cello dreaming has a wide variety of music and is happy to take requests.

cello dreaming musician(s) perform music from 1600’s to modern day covering baroque/classical / folk / jazz / blues / vintage and contemporary song mixes.


Booking Fee of $150 - this guarantees extensive client consultation and secures your booking. Your booking fee can be paid quickly and easily via this direct link to our Shop page.

Travel fees of $2 per musician per minute driving from Sunshine Coast (first 30 minutes is free) calculated one way.

Additional petrol expenses per musician may be allocated depending on the location. Contracted Brisbane–based professional musicians will incur a $50 petrol expense per musician.

Public Holidays and special event days (Easter, New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Valentine’s Day etc.) attract additional surcharge of 20%. Music arrangement fee of $65 per song will be applied if a particular song requested or supplied by the client does not suit the instruments booked for the event.

Any digital music score purchases will be applied to the client’s account and negotiated during consultation.

Booking terms and conditions

Please read the Booking Terms and Conditions. By completing this booking form you acknowledge that you have read and accept cello dreaming Standard Terms and Conditions as part of the Booking Contract.


1. The booking fee secures your date, time and booking and is non-refundable.2. Up until a payment of a booking fee is made, cello dreaming is free to make a booking with another client for the same date and time.

3. The non-refundable deposit is $150 for all events regardless of length and type of booking.

4. The booking fee can be made at any time by the client to secure the booking and is advisable immediately after enquiry and the client’s decision to book musicians for their event.

5. Payment of remaining balance is to be made one week before the event date.

6. A confirmation email of the client’s booking with an event invoice will be emailed to the client once the booking fee is received.

7. The client will obtain all necessary permits and consents to the conducting of the event, function, wedding and will comply with all conditions imposed with the granting of such permit or consent and, in particular will ascertain and satisfy all requirements of the performance venue or space during the engagement.

8. It is the responsibility of the client to provide protection from sun, rain, wind, salt-spray, adverse heat and cold. If when the musicians arrive at the event location, they believe the protection is inadequate, they will talk to the wedding/event/ venue coordinators about the situation and hopefully find a solution. If the protection is not adequate and is not resolved, they will not be able to unpack instruments and perform. The decision on whether the area is safe for performance shall be solely that of the performer. If the client fails to make the area safe, or make available an alternative safe area, the performer shall not be obliged to perform but the performance fee shall nevertheless remain payable.

9. The client will provide access to sufficient mains power outlets when cello dreaming is performing a musical set requiring power. Where normal power supplies are not available, the employer will provide a safe and supervised generating system operated by qualified persons. The employer will make known to cello dreaming that such a system will be in use at the function at least seven days prior to the function. The client will be liable for any damages to the performers equipment as a result of the use of such a generating system. The client will indemnify the performers for any loss, damage or injury arising through any malfunction thereof.

10. Where the client provides a public address system, amplifier or instrument, the same will be of proper quality and in suitable working order.

11. At the conclusion of the booking time regardless of when the function, ceremony or event starts, the musician(s) will begin to pack up. If the client asks the musician(s) to continue for 10 more minutes the musician(s) will do so, at their option, free of charge. If the client requests the musician(s) to continue for another 20 minutes then it will be charged at the half an hour rate and the client will be billed for any extra performance time.

12. If an event or, in particular, a wedding ceremony goes over time, the musician(s) will wait up to 10 minutes past booking end time to play for the recessional and then leave.

13. If wet weather requires the special event, function, private party or wedding ceremony to be moved to an alternative location, it must still be held at the same time as the original booking. cello dreaming is unable to provide two different allocated times for wedding bookings. If no wet-weather plan is included in the booking details and contract and it is too wet to play at your event outside, no performance refund will be given.

14. In the unlikely event that something happens to one or more of the musicians that prevents them from being unable to perform at the event due to an unforeseen circumstance, an appropriate substitute professional replacement will be supplied at no additional charge to the client.

15. The musician(s) take a 10-minute break in any event longer than two hours.  If your event includes speeches, then the musician(s) will plan breaks at that time. To help with this, please send a running order of your event.

16. The musician(s) arrive 15-30 minutes before the hire start time to set up & sound check.

17. Please supply non-alcoholic beverages to musician(s) during breaks.

18. If the booking is 3 or more hours, the musician(s) booked must be supplied with a meal and a meal break, to be taken at appropriate time of the event.

19. Cancellation:

a) The client may cancel this booking by delivery of written notice to cello dreaming not later than 7 days before the date set for the performance, whereupon the client will forfeit any booking fee paid. The performer will be entitled to the agreed and negotiated performance fee as specified herein notwithstanding any purported termination by the client in any other matter. In particular, if the booking is made within 7 days of the date of the scheduled performance, then the performer shall be entitled to their fee notwithstanding any purported termination by the client.
b) The performer may cancel this booking for any reason whatsoever by delivery of written notice to the client at the address shown herein not later than 7 days prior to the performance. The performer may cancel this booking upon less than 7 days notice for reasons of ill health and if requested by the client will produce from a registered medical practitioner certifying ill health.
c) If a booking is made within 7 days of the date of the performance then the client shall have no right of cancellation and the performers shall be entitled to their fee as specified notwithstanding any purported termination by the client.

20. Persons completing this contract on behalf of the client warrant that they have the authority to do so and accept liability for signing this agreement. Where the organization or company for which the signatory has determined this agreement does not make payment or fulfill any part of this agreement the signatory will accept full responsibility and will personally guarantee that all commitments under this agreement are met.

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