Adult Beginner Cello Class

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Do you fancy catching up with other newbie cello beginner enthusiasts? Do you want to meet other late starter cellists and learn at your own pace? Are you looking to discover more about the cello and like the idea of learning in a group environment?

Come along to the next class. Share stories, play music, learn something new and enjoy a group learning experience.


      • EMAIL UPDATES Expect monthly updates and practice list reminders before each class to keep you on track and prepared for what is next.
      • PRACTICE VIDEO FEEDBACK  Looking for practice support between monthly classes? This program now has the option to send in your private practice video for teacher guidance and feedback between classes!
      • CLASS PROGRAM E BOOKS Printable, lovingly designed and written by Louise King, this new range of A4 eBooks are packed with free resources, journal prompts, practice tips, goal trackers, inspiration links, and a book club list to read about how to practice with tips and techniques to develop a sustainable and enjoyable practice routine. 
      • FACEBOOK PRIVATE GROUP Request to join our online community private group that shares learning ⚒️ tools and creative ideas 💡 and interesting content to empower and encourage cellists of all ages and all levels to become better musicians, listeners, team players, artists and creative thinkers.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to play cello and make music? Have you always wanted to play and only now got the time? Are you looking for a new hobby? Do you want to meet people who love music and like learning new things?

This is your chance to meet other students in group classes specifically designed for adult learners. Come along and learn to play simple, easy music in a small class. No music reading skills required!

Expect classes of music making, interesting discussions on music, physical warm-ups and coordination exercises, musical guidance and inspirational tips from one of Australia’s top professional cellists and Teaching Artists, Louise King. A dedicated and passionate teacher & performer, a beginner class can allow you to try something new, unlock your creativity, build basic fundamental techniques and develop your interest in cello and music.

The worksheets provided are carefully put together to suit adult students with a variety of musical tastes and experiences. You will start with understanding how the instrument works, how to look after it and move onto learning about how music is put together. By the end of the Beginner Class Program you will be able to play simple open string and first position music with piano and cello accompaniment and opt to perform in a class showcase at the end of the year. Music chosen is selected from well-known classical music, modern songs and folk music plus group improvisation.

Bring your own cello and a sense of musical adventure and have a go at learning in a supportive environment.


Under the guidance of professional musician Louise King and guest artist teaching assistants, adult students learn to play the cello step by step.  It is an opportunity to meet people with similar interests.


Participants must their own or rented cello to be attending the class.  It is recommended that you attend all classes to enjoy the sequenced development and to develop teamwork and confidence.

approach to teaching adults

Louise King has been a music educator and worked with adult students for 20 years.  Read more about her Teaching Philosophy here.


A place in the class is issued by Cello Dreaming and on behalf of Louise King. The booked place in the class is considered sold and subject to the following conditions:

  1. The booked place cannot be exchanged with another applicant, returned and refunded after purchase.
  2. The right is reserved to add, withdraw or substitute presenters, artists, vary ticket prices, and/or vary advertised programs, seating arrangements and class capacity.
  3. The presenter, performer Cello Dreaming reserves the right of admission to the class.
  4. If the class has to be cancelled due to natural disaster, adverse weather conditions or for any other cause reasonably beyond the presenter’s control, there is no right of refund or exchange, and no obligation is assumed by the presenter for the arranging of a substitute event.

Adult Learner


DATES 2024


1 19 Rosebed St Eudlo Hall Rosebed Street EUDLO Hinterland Sunshine Coast QLD

2 5-7 Rufous Street Peregian Community House PEREGIAN Sunshine Coast QLD 

3 Cnr Kennedy and Enoggera Terrace, Ithaca Hall, Red Hill Qld 4059 BRISBANE

#1 EUDLO Eudlo Hall Rosebed St Hinterland Sunshine Coast

Day:  Thursday monthly – 2nd Thursday of each month 

Class Times:   

  • 3:30-4:30pm – Youth Beginner Cello Class 
  • 4:30-5:30pm – Youth Intermediate Cello Class 
  • 5:30-6:30pm – Adult Beginner Cello Class
  • 6:30-7:30pm – Adult Intermediate Cello Class
  • 7:30-8:30pm – Adult Cello Ensemble 


1  Thurs 8 Feb

2 Thurs 14 March

3 Thurs 11 April

4 Thurs 9 May

5 Thurs 13 June

6 Thurs 11 July

7 Thurs 8 August 

8 Thurs 12 September 

9 Thurs 10 October 

10 Thurs 14 November 

#2 PEREGIAN Peregian Community House NOOSA

Day:  Tuesday monthly – 3rd Tuesday of each month 

Class Times:   

  • 4:30-5:30pm – Youth Beginner Cello Class
  • 7-8pm – Adult Beginner Cello Class


  1. Tues 20 February 
  2. Tues 19 March
  3. Tues 16 April
  4. Tues 21 May
  5. Tues 18 June
  6. Tues 16 July
  7. Tues 20 August 
  8. Tues 17 September
  9. Tues 15 October 
  10. Tues 19 November


Day:  Saturday monthly – 2nd Saturday of each month 

Class Times: 

  • 10:30-11:30am – Adult Beginner Cello Class 
  • 11:30-12:30pm – Adult Intermediate Cello Class
  • 12:30-1:30pm – Adult Cello Ensemble
  • 1:30-2:30pm – Youth Beginner Cello Class
  • 2:30-3:30pm – Youth Intermediate Cello Class
  • 3:30-4:30pm – Youth Advanced Cello Ensemble


  1. Saturday 10 February 
  2. Saturday 9 March
  3. Saturday 13 April
  4. Saturday 11 May 
  5. Saturday 8 June
  6. Saturday 13 July 
  7. Saturday 10 August
  8. Saturday 14 September 
  9. Saturday 12 October
  10. Saturday 9 November 

PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES! Optional community concert opportunities and class showcases announced through the year.

COST $45 per person per class | $225 for 5 classes | $360 for 8 classes | $450 for 10 classes

EARLY BIRD DEAL Book & pay online before classes commence and by 1st February 2024 to be eligible for early bird discount.

    • $360 for 10 x monthly classes (10 classes for price of 8)
    • $270 for 8 x monthly classes (8 classes for price of 6)
  • $180 for 5 x monthly classes (5 classes for price of 4) 

BOOK online shop.

DETAILS Music and learning resources including ebooks are provided. A minimum of 4 students per class is needed to ensure the community class program runs.

WHAT TO BRING cello, bow, rosin, music stand, end-pin stop, pencil and eraser, imagination, courage.

NEED TO RENT A CELLO? Please contact your local music shop or for competitive monthly rental packages. Find out about rentals and how to buy a cello on this page of our website.

WHAT MUSIC? We learn mixed-level music to suit range of tastes and music reading experience from complete beginners to students with confident music reading skills. Play music with others, experience playing in a group with both teacher demonstration and accompaniment and enjoy learning well known classical, folk and modern music carefully selected and arranged to suit Adult Learners in a mixed level, group experience. A google drive music library folder is shared for participants.

MORE INFO | 0415 128 799

Adult Cello Lessons


what people are saying

‘You are a rare find, both an excellent performer and inspiring teacher.  Your classes are SO rewarding, and carefully prepared. You instinctively understand and work with all the varying personalities, abilities and goals of your students.  Your practical suggestions and confidence convince us that we can all express the music within, with some remarkable results.’
Margaret Moss

‘Louise has helped me reawaken my connection with music.  Her intuitive style of teaching helped me find the courage to pick up my cello again.  She not only loosened my rusty fingers but also gave me the confidence to be able to play in front of people.  Louise is very understanding to the complexities of learning an instrument as an adult and she has great ways and ideas to keep students on track and self-motivated.’
Lia Titman

‘Louise’s contagious, joyous passion for music and her cello is completely inspiring.  Her classes are just about the best thing I have ever done in my life. The opportunity to play with peers and realise that I’m not alone in my dreams to master the cello has given me great confidence.’
Annette Hughes

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