Confluence – flowing together

abstract art :: live improvisation :: contemporary dance :: experimental sound curation :: extended cello techniques :: live public performance :: body art :: photography

As an independent musician with a social and environmental conscience, Louise King actively pursues opportunities to work with other artists who share this premise.

Confluence was a powerful collaborative project with Sunshine Coast creatives in 2005.

Confluence developed into a live public performance project with a strong artistic statement on the human impact on the environment.


Confluence examines the issues of water shortage, the access of natural resources and the impact of technology and machinery on natural spaces.   The contemporary dance, body art, sound score and cello improvisation were directly inspired by the abstract art of Christine Maudy.

Confluence – a multi-disciplinary public performance commissioned by Caloundra Regional Art Gallery to open Christine Maudy’s abstract art exhibition in 2005.

Live improvisation  – Louise King

Sound curator & sound artist  – Leah Barclay

Sunshine Coast Contemporary Dancers

Photographer  – Debra Halls

Sound Engineer – Stephen Hamacek

Artist Links

Christine Maudy  –

Debra Halls –

Leah Barclay –



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