Performance Coaching

Dynamic, energetic and insightful, Louise seeks to engage, communicate and enthuse musicians and listeners with exciting repertoire choices that are both unusual and age and skill appropriate.

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Known for her charisma, sense of fair play and her ‘make-music-meaningful’ message, Louise King has quickly become one of Australia’s favourite Eisteddfod adjudicators.

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As a Visiting Teaching Artist to regional music conservatoriums, small regional communities and tertiary level institutions, Louise has successfully spread the joy of teaching and shared creative ways to use improvisation, games and imagery to motivated teachers.

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Improve in an engaging and musically enriching session with group performance stagecraft, repertoire choices, interpretation of the musical score, improvisation, group negotiation and communication skills, musical direction and historical general knowledge.

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Develop your school ensemble’s musical skills and discover a professional’s tips on rehearsing and playing in a group.  Enhance your school ensemble’s musical output and motivate ensemble members with a strong focus on blend, balance, energy, posture, tone quality and basic instrumental techniques.

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