Dancing with Bach

Australian contemporary dance inspired by the man, life and solo cello music of J.S. Bach


What cellist could resist creating a new bridge for Bach’s music for modern audiences? Fusing the old and the new, forging with every bow strike and musical nuance the connection between style, movement and sound?



Upcoming Event

21 March 2014 Gympie Civic Centre



1- “It’s perhaps fitting that the dancing women should seem more shadowy as characters since the most potent female presence – deliberately, you feel – is musician Louise King. Atmospheric amplification draws you into the profound solitude of her lone cello, letting you relish her plangent tone and gloriously true pitch as well as the rhythmic rasping of the bow in livelier passages. It’s beautifully drawn together by the conclusion with King alone on stage: her dexterous fingers and choreographed bow strokes remind you that music is, after all, the dance of the mind.”
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2- “The resonant sound of Louise King’s baroque cello fills the space, and her playing provides both clear phrasing but also a sense of freedom allowing the music and the three dancers to breathe.”
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3- “…this collaborative performance delivered beyond expectations and congratulations to Lucid Dance Theatre and Louise King for their initiative” Early Music Society of Queensland

4 – “Simply the best thing in the festival in eight years.” Audience – Noosa Long Weekend Festival


Lucid Dance Theatre is delighted to present their third full length work (60 min) ‘Dancing with Bach’. Initially created with the support of the Judith Wright Centre, Fresh Ground Residency ‘Dancing with Bach’ has now performed to sell out audiences in Brisbane, Noosa, Armidale, Gold Coast and Cooroy.

The simplicity of its construction, the richness of the live cello and the intimacy between the dancers and musician captivate audiences. Rarely do audiences have the opportunity to see dance works performed with live classical music and even less often is dance so beautifully integrated onstage with the musician.

Drawing inspiration from Bach’s beautifully evocative Cello Suites, the work weaves a thread through the emotional, artful and somewhat mysterious life of Bach in order to explore the inspiration behind these towering works.

Choreographed by Louise Deleur, renowned for her captivating contemporary ballet works, along with the beautiful tones of the cello executed by internationally renowned Baroque Cellist Louise King and with an intimate cast of dancers, the scene is set for an inspiring collaboration of music and dance.



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